10 Awesome Life Hacks You Can Learn in Just One Minute

https://brightside.me/inspiration-tips-and-tricks/10-awesome-life-hacks-you-can-learn-in-just-one-minute-556060/ Some of these are pretty interesting, while others I’m kinda skeptical about, especially the battery trick. Check it out, maybe you will find something interesting to try out!

What to look for in a long term relationship.

Relationships are difficult, and sometimes we feel that it would be much easier to just not be in one. Some may choose a life of being single and not being held down by a relationship and that’s fine, that’s totally normal. For me however, I like being in a relationship, but only if I pickedContinue reading “What to look for in a long term relationship.”

Why being uncomfortable is a good thing.

Do you remember your first time speaking in front of a classroom? It was always nerve-racking for me. I would always get an upset stomach and sweat profusely when I knew I had to go up and speak. We were given flash cards so that we don’t forget what to say, but I would alwaysContinue reading “Why being uncomfortable is a good thing.”