How I quit my job as a Barista.

Hello, my name is Reggie and I am new to blogging but I have always been writing since I was a teenager. I would write stories, poems and songs. I never grew out of it and writing has a special place in my heart. It is as much a part of me as anything else in my life.

As stories go, this is a blog post about how I quit my job as a barista and what lead me down this path of learning Affiliate Marketing and how to make money online. But first, just a little backstory about how I started working as a barista. 

It all started in the fall of 2016, I had quit my job as a junior accountant for this printing company and also moved out of my parent’s place to live with a bunch of friends in an apartment. 

It was fun, it was my first taste of being on my own, I had no girlfriend at the time and I was just focused on finding another job because I hated working at the printing company.  

I was lucky to find a seasonal job at a bookstore, and at first I loved it. It was a nice change of pace, cute girls to talk to and most importantly it sparked an interest in business books for me. It was good enough to pay my rent, and I wasn’t complaining until 4 months down the line when the holiday season started to slow down and they started cutting hours at the bookstore.

It sucked, to be honest, I went from doing almost 40 hours a week to barely making 20 hours. I had to find another job and find it quick, this was also the time when I was feeling depressed, I wouldn’t go back to the apartment and spend some time back at my parents house to just get away from everything. It got to the point where my roommates decided that I should go back to my parents’ place and leave the rest of the payments for them.  

I didn’t know what to say, I just started packing my stuff in garbage bags and started hauling them back to my parents’ place. I was miserable, I had no money, no job, no girlfriend, nothing. I just hated where my life was. 

But there was a fire in me, when I got back to my parents’ place the next day I printed out resumes and went job hunting. I spent the majority of the day looking for a job, I applied online, brick and mortar stores, just anywhere willing to give me a job. It was hard, I thought it was going to be easy, I can work full time, I have a car but no one was hiring. Until I applied at a cafe inside a mall. 

I worked in Tim Horton’s before when I was in highschool so I thought this would be the same, but it wasn’t the case. This was different, they had an espresso machine and I learned how to froth milk and even learned how to make latte art. 

I enjoyed my coworkers and it became a job I was happy to do and I started feeling better about myself. During times when the cafe had a slow night, I would daydream about having my own company. Of maybe opening my own coffee shop, that’s when I started looking into how to start a company or a business and so I did, I started a Shopify account and I tried my hand at making a clothing line. I like to draw and I would draw my own designs and make my own style of clothing, and I showed it to my friends and family. 

It seemed like it was going to be a hit but…nothing. I tried making ads on Facebook and Instagram and even thought of making some posters but nothing came from it, I would spend hundreds of dollars on ads and I would get nothing from my investment. Mind you I had no idea how to do it properly, I mean I watched a few Youtube videos and they make it seem like it’s a no-brainer, make an add and watch your money grow. Yeah right, I’m still learning and now I know it’s not that simple. 

And again the voice of defeat slowly started crawling its way back into my brain but this time I wasn’t alone. I met this beautiful girl and we started dating and she kept me up when I felt like giving up and I found the strength inside me to keep on going and keep in mind this is a year of trial and error. 

Now it’s been two years and a few months that I’ve been working as a barista. I was growing tired of it, customers were getting more and more annoying. You know the type, the customer that comes everyday and buys a $3 coffee and suddenly they think they own the coffee shop, the “I know the owner” person, yeah I had a bunch of those and they were the worst. 

I even had a full on argument with one of them because they wanted this particular seat and someone was there and she asked me to tell that person to move elsewhere and I said no and all hell broke loose. Not to mention that the owners themselves were becoming very rude and would talk badly about people they hired behind their backs. It was just getting toxic and I knew I had to get out. I had a substantial savings and I knew that I can be okay if I quit my job and so I did. 

And let me tell you, there is no greater feeling then having this weight on your shoulders be lifted. I felt amazing, I was so happy and I couldn’t contain myself and this time I also had a backup plan, I was going to do some freelancing. 

I started a Fiverr account where I would do designs for t-shirts and what have you. I’m a pretty good artist and my designs were mostly focused on Japanese style art. 

And one day, I woke up and checked my email and it said “Congratulations, you have an order!” and I was so pumped, I contacted the buyer and asked them what were they looking for, what style and was there any color? 

I spent probably 8 or 9 hours on that design, plus re-designs until I got it right and you know how much I got paid? $30, yup, you read that right, I received 30 freakin dollars and I wasn’t sad no, I was actually happy even though if you calculate it, it’s about 3 dollars an hour, money wasn’t my goal yet. My goal was, can I get paid online and yes I did and it gave me a taste of what I can potentially have if I put my mind into it. 

I started getting more and more orders and even bumped up my price a bit and it was nice until I realize how much goes into making a design. So I left, I stopped taking orders and I put my Fiverr account on hold but this new experience gave me a boost so I tried another shot in getting a job. 

I applied for every graphic design jobs that was post on indeed and even though I didn’t have a graphic design diploma, I would go into the interview and show what I can do. Then one day, after 4 months of being a freelancer I received a call from a web company for an interview.  I was nervous but I went in with my head held high and I went for the interview, it lasted about 20 mins and I even brought my ipad and showed off my designs and the interview went well. 

When we finished up, I shook their hands and thanked them for their time, and they told me that they still had other interviews left to do and they would call me sometime next week. 

I said awesome and made my way back home and guess what happened? 

While I was on the bus during the hour long commute, I received a call and it was from that company that I just had an interview for and they told me that they loved my interview and how I was ready and showed them my design and they told me “When can you start?” I told them excitedly, “tomorrow!” they laughed but that was it, they gave me a date which was one week after the interview and ever since then I’ve been working for this company and I’m happy. 

The lesson here is to never give up and don’t settle down when you know it is not right for you, explore and see where your potential can lead you. I thought the height of my career was going to be a barista but no, I now strive to be better to reach a higher limit, this is a promise to myself but one day, I will be a millionaire. This is my goal, and I won’t stop until I make it. 

Thank You for reading and taking the time, I hope you have a wonderful day and remember to keep on learning! 

5 Tips for Affiliate Marketing

How to be successful with Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is not a new concept, sure it’s a trendy word right now and it seems like everyone is doing it even your aunt Martha,

But let’s take a second here and think about what affiliate marketing is really at its core,

It’s basically having a person (you) sell or recommend a product to another person, 

Just like how a billboard on a busy highway promotes a product or how a commercial tries to make you want whatever it is that they are selling,

You now become that billboard or that commercial by word of mouth or by your interactions with other people, whether that is in person or on the internet. 

So how do you do affiliate marketing I hear you say, 

Tip Number 1 is finding a specialized niche, usually a niche that you have interest in or even better have a deep knowledge of said niche,

For example, a niche would be like, let’s say footwear, and your specialized niche is sandals

Or another example is if you like fishing and you specialized in spearfishing, and you can make videos or blog post talking about spearfishing and even promote and review what is the best spear to use in spearfishing

If you know spearfishing you’re probably rolling your eyes at me right now because I obviously have no idea how to spear fish! But hey, I’d love to learn if you make a video showing people like me how it’s really done,

And that could be your start to affiliate marketing,

Tip number 2 relates to the first part, it’s about buying and review products that you use and that you truly want to recommend,

A product that I love are headphones and no I haven’t made any videos reviewing headphones but I do recommend headphones to friends and family whenever it comes up in our conversations, I tell them that if you are looking for a headphone with good bass go for this one or if you want a really good headphones that has noise cancellation  then go for that one, by the way, if you’re interested in the headphones that I’m talking about, i added them below

But I digress, tip number 2 is reviewing things that you really love and use and would recommend to a family member or friend, and if you create a video showing that you actually have the product you are trying to sell that works to your favor, you start to build trust

Which leads me to tip number 3,

Creating trust with your audience, let’s get one thing straight, nobody and I mean NOBODY wants to be sold to, it’s annoying and you know, you kinda look like a you know what, that said there are other ways and more subtle ways of selling to your audience,

First is try to build some sort of relationship or rapport with your audience, show them that you are genuine to what you are saying and to who you are, 

Don’t pretend to be someone that you are not, so many people including myself have been burned time and time again by trusting these so called financial gurus and to be honest I’m kinda tired of it,

It down right sucks and it makes you feel defeated about affiliate marketing, but I don’t give up because I love affiliate marketing and I wholeheartedly believe that this could lead to a life that you always wanted,

I am still not there, but one day I will be and I won’t have any regrets because I gave it my all and I’ve fallen off the horse so many times that I can barely remember but every time I fell and wanted to give up, I dusted myself off, got back up on that horse and tried again,

This is who I am and I know I don’t have the credentials to tell you how to do something because I am still learning just like you are but I want to be the voice and help anyone that is close to giving up, I’ve been where you are and we can do this together,

Trust me and I will do my best to in teaching Affiliate Marketing as best as I can and if i stumble feel free to tear my a new one in the comments, I’m only human but I’m trying

Tip number 4, is to keep on learning, I spend countless hours watching and reading about Affiliate Marketing, about How to grow a business, about bettering myself and I am still looking for more information because there is always someone out there who knows more than you and if willing to give you that information and all we have to do is take the time and learn from those who’ve been through it,

I don’t have much money, but I do have a lot of time and with that time I try to cram in as much information as can take and make it into a video format for usually myself so I can listen to it and for anyone who is willing to listen to my voice and to what I have to say,

I want to give everyone a chance to learn about affiliate marketing and hopefully fall in love with it like me, so take the time during the day and just learn something that you didn’t know the day before. I usually take public transport to go to work and this commute is about an hour and a half and I take that time to watch youtube or if you don’t have the data, download audiobooks before you leave and listen to it, you would be amazed how fast and how much you can actually learn by just listening.

You can also go to thrift stores and take a look at their book selection, you can find some amazing books that will help you better yourself,

Whatever you do, just take a moment in your day and learn, if you are serious about this write “I’m going to learn” in the comments below and let’s see how many people are going to do it!

And tip number 5 is finding a mentor. A mentor can help you get to where you want to be faster. They’ve been through what you’re going through and they made the same mistakes that you are making and they can help you why showing you what works. But, you have to do some research before you find a mentor, it should be someone that connects with you in some way. Have a similar view and most importantly is that they are already where you want to be. Go with the mentality of “If it’s not broken, don’t fix it.” A successful mentor has successful students, find out if their students are actually following that your potential mentor is saying and if it is working for them. You will know when a mentor is not for you, listen to that voice in your head, sometimes it can be too good to be true but you must also take into consideration the facts. Don’t fall for big money dreams or get rich quickly, think logically if what they are preaching is not bs. 

When you do find a mentor that you believe in and that it ticks all your boxes, then don’t be afraid to take the plunge, experience is going to be expensive. Don’t go in there with a cheap mentality because all you will get is cheap insights. Real knowledge, and when I say Real Knowledge, I mean the type of knowledge that you sacrifice countless nights for, that you spend thousands of dollars to learn, the type of knowledge that you had to turn down nights with your friends or loved ones because you knew deep down this is going to change your life. 

That type of knowledge is priceless and if you find a mentor who is willing to teach you that knowledge for a couple hundred dollars, is that too much to ask? 

These are my 5 tips to be successful with Affiliate Marketing. 

These are the two headphones that I mentioned.

Cowin E7 Active Noise Cancelling Headphones – These are my everyday Headphones as they are amazing when I take my daily commute to work. They have amazing noise cancellation as it helps me focus when I’m writing.

MPOW Thor Bluetooth Headphones – these are my second favorite headphones, I wear these when I go to the gym or when I go for a walk in the morning they are lightweight and can hold a charge for days. I’ve dropped them countless times and they still work, they don’t have good bass compared to the Cowin E7 but they are perfect for podcast or audiobooks. Best of all, you can buy this headphone and the Cowin E7 and still have money left over compared to if you bought a Beats by Dre or Airpods.