3 tips to boost your confidence.

Being confident takes time and practice, because I don’t believe that people are born confident. We all had to make some effort in order to appear more confident among other people. Keep in mind that it’s not only extroverts that can be confident, even if you are an introverted person. You can still build theContinue reading “3 tips to boost your confidence.”

How to motivate yourself

Are you the type of person to always start a new project but you find that you start running out of steam before you can complete it? I know I have this problem and it often leads to so many abandoned projects that I failed to finish. Sometimes we just have so many ideas thatContinue reading “How to motivate yourself”

What to look for in a long term relationship.

Relationships are difficult, and sometimes we feel that it would be much easier to just not be in one. Some may choose a life of being single and not being held down by a relationship and that’s fine, that’s totally normal. For me however, I like being in a relationship, but only if I pickedContinue reading “What to look for in a long term relationship.”