5 Mindsets that will make you more likable.

Having the proper mindset when meeting a new person can mean the difference of them liking you or not. Sometimes we get so distracted and we feel different and then we start to act like another person. By having the proper mindset and keeping yourself focus, you will start to have people gravitate towards you.Continue reading “5 Mindsets that will make you more likable.”

10 Awesome Life Hacks You Can Learn in Just One Minute

https://brightside.me/inspiration-tips-and-tricks/10-awesome-life-hacks-you-can-learn-in-just-one-minute-556060/ Some of these are pretty interesting, while others I’m kinda skeptical about, especially the battery trick. Check it out, maybe you will find something interesting to try out!

5 Levels After a Break up

Let’s be honest, breaking up with someone sucks. It’s never a happy feeling, even if both of you break up mutually, there is still a sadness that you feel. Below I will take you on the 5 most common levels that you will go through after a break up. Level 1 – Denial I feelContinue reading “5 Levels After a Break up”