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Update for my readers

Changes are coming.

Hello everyone reading my blog,

I’ve been gone for a while, it started out because I caught a cold back before Christmas of 2019 and then we had family over and bla bla bla, I lost track of my blog and my writing,

Coming back to work after the Christmas vacation, I started to get lazy and I always wanted to start my blog again but I kept pushing it back and before I knew it 3 or 4 months had passed me by. 

During this time of not writing, I realized that I wanted to pursue more things. I am still interested in Affiliate Marketing but now my focus has shifted to a more generalized understanding of the world.

I love learning and I feel this is my way of learning new things, I want to read more about things that interest me and find meaning and lessons within those things. 

I will continue to write about Affiliate Marketing every know and then but please understand that this website will slowly change and soon I will add new things, like videos and even a podcast,

Please stay tuned and be safe out there,



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